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What Do Wedding Designers Do?

You just got engaged and now you are looking at everything wedding planning. You see all these terms, wedding planner, wedding coordinators, wedding designers and you feel like your going crazy well before you even get to the wedding day. As wedding planners, we worry about everything that is logistics. Wedding planners literally take all of the annoying little task and put them all together and deliver these to you in a perfect little bow on your wedding day.

Wedding designers worry about the asthetics of everything, or as I like to say, we make everything pretty. Wedding designers are the ones that bring your dreams to life. The design team at Gina James Events will sit with you and learn everything about your love story. Then we take your colors and overall theme inspirations and dreams and sketch them out. Once we sketch them out we put them into our 3D software and create a mock up of your perfect day. Then we bring the vision to life on your wedding day. It takes a lot of work to make things look as pretty as the turn out on your wedding day. As luxury planners, we go beyond the ordinary and we create extraordinary.

When you are getting married and on that special journey, be sure to think about your budget and determine if you want a planner and a designer. Most event companies charge seperate fees for designing. If your budget allows for it, and you want your day to be the best it can be with all the bells and whistles, then hire a designer.

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