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Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?

I have talked to many clients over the years, and to my surprise I have discovered that most of them do not have a clue as to what a wedding planner does. I have had future brides tell me that it is just an unnecessary expense and all of the work could be done by the couple, or friends and family. Now of course the test of wedding planning could be done by friends or family, or even the couple. However, the overall logistics of a wedding day is so complex, especially when things go wrong, that a certified professional should be the one to handle these task. This also takes pressure off the couple to make sure they are fully enjoying their day and not worrying about the overall logistics and details of the day as it is happening.

In this blog post I wanted to break down some of the task of a wedding planner so that it is easier to see what we actually do. If we are planning a full service wedding, that process takes 12 months. If we are planning a partial wedding, that process takes 6 months. A full service wedding would require the planner to put in between 70 to 260 hours. We provide vendor referrals, negotiate contracts, schedule and attend all meetings. We create detailed timelines and floor plans. We manage you budget so you do not over spend. We attend site visits and menu tastings. If we are hired for the design aspect, then we are also sketching outr your visison and bringing that to life. We manage rehearsal and any bridal parties, luncehons that also need to be planned. We manage all guest invitations and RSVP's. We handle hotel rooms and transportation for out of town guest. We manage everything on the wedding day, and we stay on site long after the couple is gone to assist with clean up and take down. This is just a short summary of all the things we wedding planners can assist you with on your special day.


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